How Do You Replace the Glass on a Curio Cabinet?

Replace the glass of a curio cabinet by removing the quarter-round trim, carefully taking away any broken glass, having a new piece cut to fit the opening, placing the glass in the opening and replacing the trim. Some curio cabinets use a rubber gasket that holds the glass in place and require a different installation process.

If the old glass is broken, remove the contents of the cabinet and any large shards of glass. Use a vacuum to remove any remaining small shards. Use needle-nosed pliers and a putty knife to pry the trim from inside the door. If the existing glass has a special edge design, save a piece so the glass shop can replicate the look.

The glass fits inside the recessed rabbet. Place a piece of tracing paper over the door and trace the outline of the opening. Order the glass so it measures between 1/16 and 1/8 inch smaller than the rabbet.

Set the replacement glass in the rabbet and place the quarter-round against it. If the glass is cut correctly, the quarter-round should extend over the edge on all sides. Attach the trim at 6- to 8-inch intervals around the glass by tapping the nails into place with a hammer. Use a nail set to recess them.