How Do You Replace a GE Nautilus Dishwasher Hose?


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To replace the hose on a GE Nautilus, the power and drain connection to the dishwasher must first be disconnected. The power should be disconnected from the wall, and the drain connection should be detached by unscrewing the nuts that hold it in place.

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The brackets that hold the dishwasher in place should be removed, and the machine moved away from the wall. If the machine doesn't move, the wires behind the machine may need to be untangled. Once the dishwasher has been pulled out, the drain hose should be visible on the left-hand side near the floor at the bottom of the machine. Follow the drain hose to where it meets the cabinet, and use pliers to detach and removed the existing hose.

Once the old hose is removed, the new drain hose can be connected to the drain in the cabinet, and then to the dishwasher. Clamp the connector, and then the seal should be complete. Push the dishwasher back into the cabinet, taking extra care with the wires. Test the installation by turning on the dishwasher and running a cycle. If there are any issues, it is best to go back through the steps in reverse order to correct any issues.

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