How Do You Replace a Gazebo Roof?

Replace a shingle roof on a gazebo in a manner similar to replacing the roof on a house. Remove the existing roofing using a shingle shovel, inspect the decking for rot and replace any damaged sections, cover each section with roofing felt, and add the shingles. A 10-foot gazebo requires approximately four bundles of shingles while a 14-foot one requires approximately nine bundles.

Plan to reroof the gazebo during a time it is unlikely to rain. Contact the local solid waste disposal company about renting a dumpster for disposing of the old roofing. Use the roofing shovel by placing the tip under the bottom row of roofing and lifting to remove the shingles and most of the nails. Pull any nails that remain in place after removing the shingles. Remove the roofing felt to expose the bare decking for inspection and replacement, if necessary.

Install the roofing felt beginning at the bottom of one of the roofing panels. Unroll it horizontally and nail it in place. Add additional overlapping rows until you reach the peak. Continue with each section of the roof.

Nail the first course of shingles with the tabs facing up and then place a second layer over the top with the tabs down. Add a second course that overlaps the first one by approximately one-half. Use a utility knife to trim shingles along the edge of the panel. After covering all panels, cut shingles into six equal pieces and apply them as the ridge caps.