How Do You Replace Garage Door Section Panels?


To prepare for replacing garage door panels, open the garage door, and disconnect the automatic garage opener and remove the springs. Put the door down, and then detach the panel from the other panels and the guide track. Next, install the new garage door panel by attaching the hinges and hinge brackets that connect it to other panels and the guide track. Replace the tension spring on the garage door to finish the job.

To remove the old garage door panel from the hinges and hinge brackets, you first need to make room by removing the top panel of the garage door or using a come-a-long to spread the panels apart. Then, use a screwdriver to unscrew the hinges attaching the panel to the door. To install the new panel, slide it into the empty slot and screw in the hinges and hinge brackets. Then, slide the top panel back in place, or release the come-a-long, if using this to separate the panels.

After installing the new panel, the other garage door panels may look weathered or dingy in comparison. If this is the case, it may be necessary to prime and paint the entire garage door. Make sure to turn the automatic garage door opener back on after painting.