How Do You Replace Garage Door Rollers?

replace-garage-door-rollers Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The manner in which you replace garage door rollers depends on the type of rollers. Types of garage door rollers include center rollers, top rollers and bottom rollers. While you can replace the top and center rollers yourself using the appropriate tools, it is best to hire a professional to replace the bottom rollers because of the technicality involved. You need replacement rollers, a socket wrench, a ladder and a hammer to complete this task.

To replace the top rollers, start by accessing the rollers by climbing up the ladder. Next, loosen off the nut attaching the roller sleeve onto its bracket with the wrench, and slightly hit off the nut bolt with the hammer. Detach the sleeve from the door once the nut is off. Remove the door hinge, and separate it from the old roller. Place the new roller in the place of the old one, and place back the sleeve. Replace the bolt and nut, and replace the remaining top roller in a similar way to complete the process.

To replace the center rollers, start by removing the nut bolt and old roller the same way you do with the top roller, and place the replacement center roller in the place of the old roller, taking care to ensure that the mounting holes of the door and hinge are aligned to facilitate screw insertion. Finally, secure the hinge in place with screws, and replace the remaining center rollers in a similar way.