How Do You Replace Garage Door Panels?

How Do You Replace Garage Door Panels?

Replace garage door panels by first unhooking the tension springs in the door and loosening the brackets that hold the panel in place. Remove the old panel and replace it with a new panel, using vise clamps to hold it in place while securing it with the bolts and brackets.Most garage door panel damage occurs at the bottom of the door. Replacing a garage door panel is not a difficult task, but it may take a little time. To replace the door panel, run through the following steps:

  1. Raise the garage door
  2. Raise the garage door and disconnect the power and the center arm to the automatic door opener.

  3. Unhook the springs
  4. Carefully unhook the tension springs from the turnbuckles.

  5. Lower the door
  6. Lower the door. Using a piece of wood, prop open the door to give it a three- to four-inch clearance off the ground.

  7. Attach vise clamps
  8. Attach vise clamps to the garage door tracks below the bearings of the second panel.

  9. Loosen the bolts on the bracket
  10. Loosen the bolts on the brackets with a ratchet. Loosen the center bracket last.

  11. Place wood under the panel
  12. Place a two-by-four beneath the door to brace the bottom panel. Prop the door up in the center and remove the wood.

  13. Loosen the remaining bolts
  14. Loosen the remaining bolts and remove the old panel.

  15. Replace the panel
  16. Replace the old panel with a new one and use the hinges as a guide to drill new holes for the bolts.

  17. Connect the door
  18. Once the new panel is in place, connect the handle, raise the door and reconnect the tension springs and garage door opener.