How Do You Replace a Gable Vent?

To replace a gable vent, unfasten the existing vent and pull it out, replace the flashing, caulk the new vent, insert it, and fasten it with screws and nails. This one-day process requires a ladder, a hammer, a screwdriver, building paper, metal flashing, caulk, a stapler and a drill.

  1. Unfasten the existing vent

    Use a ladder to climb up to the exterior side of the gable vent, and then unscrew the existing vent. If the vent is secured with nails, rip them out with a claw hammer. Pull and wiggle the vent until it pops out of the hole, and then discard it.

  2. Replace the flashing

    Pull out the existing building paper and metal flashing. Discard the old materials, and line the vent hole with overlapping sheets of building paper. Spread caulk on each sheet, lay it in place, and smooth it with your hands to remove air bubbles. When the entire vent hole is lined, secure the paper with staples, and place a metal flashing cap at the top of the opening.

  3. Caulk and insert the new vent

    Line the border of the new vent with caulk, set it in the vent hole, and push it in as far as possible. Fasten it with nails and screws.