How Do You Replace Front Porch Support Columns?


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Replace front porch support columns by providing additional support for the porch awning, removing any trim and nails that hold the current columns in place, and removing the old posts. Install new columns by attaching the brackets to the floor and awning and sliding the new post into place. Some brackets require lifting the awning slightly to make room for installation with the new brackets.

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For a lightweight awning, use 2-by-6 lumber that reaches from the bottom of the awning to the ground. Cut the bottom of the board at a 45-degree angle, and screw a scrap of 2-by-4 to the base to form a foot. Cut a notch at the opposite end of the board so it fits against the fascia board of the awning and under its base for support. Nail the support to the awning, and drive a post into the ground to keep the base from slipping. This approach supports the awning while leaving the porch surface clear for repairs, but if the deck is in good repair, you can use screw jack posts to support the awning.

Attach the brackets the manufacturer supplies with the new columns. Use self-taping concrete screws for a concrete porch. Slip the new column in place over the brackets, and fasten them per the manufacturer's directions. Remove any additional supports.

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