How Do You Replace Front Door Lighting Fixtures?


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Replace an outdoor lighting fixture by turning off the power to the circuit that feeds it, removing the old fixture, connecting the wires to the new one, and attaching the new fixture to the electrical box. Turn on the power, and the light is ready for use.

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Prior to beginning any electrical work, ensure the power is disconnected. If the old fixture still works, turn off the breaker, and turn on the light. If the bulb illuminates, the circuit still has power. Try the other breakers until you locate the one that turns off the lamp.

Loosen the retaining screws on the base of the old fixture, and twist the fixture so it pulls off over the screws. If the installer used silicone sealant, it may be hard to turn. Disconnect the wires.

Slide the new rubber gasket over the wires, and then attach them to the new fixture, using wire nuts and matching the color coding. Push the new fixture toward the ceiling, and slide the retaining screws through the keyholes. Twist the light into place, tighten the screws and apply a bead of silicone sealant around the base. Install a new light bulb and the cover before restoring the power and testing the new fixture.

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