How Do You Replace Freezer Panels?


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To replace a freezer's control panel, first acquire the necessary tools and parts, including a putty knife, work gloves and a new control panel. Then, disconnect the electrical power, remove the old control panel, and install the new one. Finally, turn the electricity back on.

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Always wear work gloves while replacing the control panel as the hands can get injured if they are not protected. To disconnect the electrical power, either unplug the freezer from the source or shut off the circuit breaker tied to the freezer.

To remove the control panel, simply place the putty knife under the outer lip of the panel and pry it out. Then, disconnect the wires attached to it by pressing the release tab on the harness and pulling it out. To install the new control panel, start by connecting the wire harness to the same location where it was connected on the old one. Then, place it on the door and push in to secure it into place. Once this is done, restore the electricity by plugging the freezer back in or by turning the circuit breaker back on.

Always use a manufacturer-approved control panel. The freezer control panel, which can become defective, contains the display and controls for the freezer.

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