How Do You Replace the Freezer Door Seal on a GE Freezer?


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To replace a freezer door seal on a GE freezer, purchase the replacement, turn off the freezer, remove the old seal, insert the new one, turn on the freezer, and replace the food. The required supplies include a new gasket, a cooler, a putty knife and a nut driver.

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Consult the freezer manual to obtain the part number of the freezer door seal. Purchase the replacement seal, take it out of the package, and lay it flat. If the rubber is folded or bent, heat it with a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting.

Turn off the freezer, and transfer its contents to a cooler. Use a nut driver to remove half of the nuts around the old freezer seal. Set the nuts aside, and pull out the free half of the seal. Wipe the track with a cloth, insert half of the new seal into the track, and use a putty knife to push it into place. Reattach the nuts, and then replace the second half of the gasket in the same manner.

Test the seal by shutting the freezer door. If the door does not close properly, press around the seal with the putty knife, and shut the door again. When the door closes correctly, turn on the freezer, and replace the food.

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