How Do You Replace a Freezer Door Gasket?


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To replace a freezer door gasket, remove the retaining nuts that hold it onto the door, clean the area, slide in a new gasket, and secure it with retaining nuts. Unplug the unit before attempting this task.

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Start by gathering a replacement freezer gasket, a putty knife, a combination square, a nut driver, a hair dryer and a clean towel. Next, disconnect the freezer power, and remove any food. Check the alignment of the freezer door by measuring the gap between the freezer and refrigerator doors with a combination square. Check the alignment between the freezer door and the side of the unit as well.

To remove the old gasket, pull back the gasket lip, and loosen off the nuts that secure it onto the door with a nut driver. To prevent the tray inside the door from coming off, only remove half of the nuts. Once you have removed the old gasket, clean the area by wiping it with a towel, and then remove any kink from the new gasket by heating the gasket with a hair dryer. Set the dryer on low-heat mode to avoid burning the gasket. Using a putty knife, slide the new gasket into the cleaned space, securing the gasket with retaining nuts as you navigate around the door.

Once you have installed the new gasket, close the freezer door to test it. If necessary, adjust the retaining nuts to fix any defects. Finally, reconnect the unit, and restore the foodstuffs.

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