How Do You Replace Food Processor Blades?


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To replace or switch out the blades of a food processor, ensure the work bowl is empty, unplug the appliance, firmly pull the blade upwards, and slide the new blade on the shaft, twisting it slightly until it locks into place. Handle the blades carefully to avoid being cut.

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How Do You Replace Food Processor Blades?
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If the food processor's blade becomes damaged, order a compatible replacement blade from the manufacturer's official website or a third-party retailer. Never remove the blade when the appliance is plugged in, even if it is not turned on. Food processor blades are designed for easy removal and replacement, and they should always be removed from the shaft and stored in a safe place when the food processor is not in use. Some food processor sets may include a number of blades for different purposes such as chopping, blending and kneading dough.

To keep a food processor's blades in good condition, wash them immediately after use to avoid caked-on food residue. Place both the blades and the locking ring on the dishwasher's top rack, or wash them by hand using warm, soapy water. Never place them on the bottom rack of the dishwasher as they may become warped or damaged from the heat, and avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions.

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