How Do You Replace a FireX Smoke Alarm?


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The process of replacing a FireX smoke alarm consists of obtaining a new alarm, removing the existing device, replacing the mounting plate and installing the alarm. Always install a fresh battery when replacing or installing a smoke alarm. In addition to a back-up battery, hard-wired alarms must be connected to the household electrical system. Replace alarms that have been in place for more than 10 years and those that fail to pass a monthly inspection.

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To disconnect and remove an existing hard-wired fire alarm, turn off power to the device and use a non-contact voltage detector to ensure there is no current being delivered to the device. Disconnect all wires to the alarm and then detach the mounting plate from the junction box. Install the new mounting plate and attach it to the existing junction box before connecting the wires to the replacement alarm. Plug all wiring harnesses into the alarm before stuffing the wires into the box and mounting the alarm to the plate.

Battery-powered alarms are not connected to the existing electrical system, and they are typically easier to install. After removing the existing alarm and installing a new battery, replace the mounting plate and then attach the new alarm to the ceiling. Always test a replacement smoke alarm following installation to verify proper operation.

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