How Do You Replace the Fire Bricks in a Stove?

replace-fire-bricks-stove Credit: Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images

Replacing firebricks in a wood stove entails buying new firebricks according to the stove's specific size and replacing them by hand using a few basic tools. Replace any damaged or cracked firebricks to ensure the optimum operation of the wood stove.

Wood stoves utilize firebricks as a lining for their floors and walls. However, before replacing a damaged firebrick in any of these areas, it is important to know its size and exact type to ensure the stove works efficiently, notes the Wood Heat Organization. If this information is unknown, then check the wood stove manual or contact the wood stove's manufacturer. However, the most common firebrick size is 4.5 x 9.0 x 1.25 inches. After buying the replacement firebrick, the other materials needed for this simple project are a small vacuum, a screw driver, wood block, rubber mallet, work gloves and drop cloths.

  1. Prepare the wood stove for firebrick replacement
  2. Let the wood stove cool down. Place a drop cloth in front of the wood stove. Open the stove and remove the ash and other debris with the vacuum.

  3. Replace the damaged firebrick
  4. Pry out the cracked firebrick. Clean the open space from which the brick was removed with the vacuum. Put the replacement firebrick into the open space and push it into place on the wall or floor of the stove. Use a wood block over the firebrick and tap the brick gently with the mallet to ensure it is firmly in place.