How Do You Replace Fascia and Soffits on Your Home?


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If the soffit or fascia have succumbed to rot, remove shingle mold with a flat iron bar before taking off the fascia, being careful not to damage nearby shingles in the process. After removing the fascia by hand, remove the soffit in a similar manner, replace the attached rafter, and then place the seal the replacement soffit and fascia into place.

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While home improvement experts discourage amateurs from performing most types of roof repair, replacing a soffit and fascia can be performed safely without the risk of having to climb onto the roof. When improper flashing and ice dams damage soffits and fascia, the removal of the damaged parts is the simplest part of the replacement project.

Typically, removing the rafter to which the soffit and fascia are attached requires the use of a reciprocating saw. After doing this, cut an equally sized piece of new lumber to prepare for use as a replacement rafter. Before attaching this new rafter, use a powder-actuated nail gun to attach a small cleat to the chimney adjacent to the roof and then attach the rafter to that cleat.

When installing replacement soffits and fascia board, protect the edges of the plywood using a moisture-resistant wax sealer. Set the boards in place with galvanized nails, and putty the holes to ensure a watertight fit.

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