How Do You Replace a Fan's Motor?


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To replace a fan's motor, clean the fan's outdoor condenser, and detach the grill to clean the fan's fins. Detach the old motor from the fan to place a replacement motor in the fan, and then, reassemble the parts. Testing the efficiency of the new motor completes this process.

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Start by disconnecting the power supply to the fan to avoid a possible electric shock. Using a broom or a rag, gently rub over the fan's outdoor condenser to remove any debris, dust and dirt. To access the inside of the fan, lift the grill's edges, and dislodge the grill from its place to set it aside. Then, rub off any debris and other particles from the fan's fins.

To remove the motor, first disconnect the wires and switches that attach the motor to the fan by removing the screws that secure them in place with a screwdriver while taking care not to pull the wires. Loosen the bolts that secure the motor in place, and if needed, apply a lubricant to facilitate the removal of the fan.

Once the motor is loose, lift it out of the fan. Place the replacement motor in the place previously occupied by the old motor, and then reattach the wires and switches. Secure them in place with screws. Finally, replace the grill, and turn the power supply back on to test the new motor.

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