How Do You Replace an Exterior Door Frame?


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Replacing an exterior door frame involves preparing the doorway for a new frame, preparing the new frame, attaching the new frame to the doorway, and priming and painting the frame. Use a crowbar, a replacement frame wood, paint, primer and nails to complete this task. A hammer, a measuring tape, wood putty, sandpaper and a saw are also handy.

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Preparing the doorway for the new frame involves removing the old frame from the doorway by prying it off the wall with the crowbar. If the frame is hard to remove, first use the saw to piece the frame, and pry away the pieces, one after the other, rather that prying off the frame in whole. Once the doorway is free of the old frame, determine the measurements of the doorway with the measuring tape, and use the saw to cut pieces of the new frame from the wood, according to the measurements.

To install the new frame, apply the wood putty over the frame pieces, and press the pieces against the doorway walls to secure them in place, taking care to refer to the instructions that accompany the putty package. For firm attachment of the frame, use the hammer to add the nails to the frame. Sand the frame, clear it of the dust generated from sanding with a rag, apply the primer over the frame, and allow the primer to dry before applying a first paint coat. Allow the first coat to dry, and apply a second coat to complete the process.

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