How Do You Replace Excavator Tracks?


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Replace an excavator's rubber track by first relieving tension on the existing track, retracting the tension wheel and removing the old track. Then, position the new track onto the drive sprocket and push the track onto the tension wheel. It is important to raise the excavator before beginning the replacement and have a helper to assist with the job.

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An excavator uses grease to apply tension to its tracks, so unscrew the grease fitting on the side of the track frame to relieve pressure on the tension wheel. Step on the rubber track to move the tension wheel into the track frame and free up the rubber track. Remove the old track from one end of the sprocket teeth and then from the other end.

Place one end of the new track over the rear sprocket, making sure to snugly match the sprocket teeth with the notches in the rubber. While a helper holds up the rubber, use a pry bar to move the front of the rubber onto the tension wheel, and align the teeth with the notches. Re-thread the grease fitting, and pump grease into the tension housing to pressurize the tension wheel. Refer to the machine's manual for the proper amount of track tension.

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