How Do You Replace Electrical Plug Connectors?


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To replace an electric plug connector, cut off the damaged plug, open the replacement plug to reach the terminal screws inside, attach wires and then reassemble the replacement plug. When replacing, the black or colored wire attaches to brass screw while the neutral white wire attaches to the silver screw.

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To replace an electric plug connector, run through the following steps.

  1. Cut off the damaged plug connector
  2. When the damaged electric plug connector is cut off, the utility knife is used to split and remove the jacket from the cord end. Caution should be taken to avoid cutting off the three wires inside. The end of each wire should be stripped to leave naked wire that will attach the new plug connector.

  3. Open the replacement plug to access the internal screws
  4. Open the new plug to loosen the terminal screws before attaching the code wires. The three wires attach to the appropriate terminal screw. The white neutral wire attaches to the silver screw, the green wire attaches to the green grounding screw and the black wire to the brass screw. Tighten the screw after wrapping each clockwise.

  5. Reassemble the new plug connector
  6. After tightening the internal screws, reassemble the replacement plug. After reassembling the new electric connector plug, tighten the screw holding the code and the plug together. Plug it into a receptacle and use a plug-in circuit tester to check whether the new replacement is working. The tester’s light shows that the new replacement is working.

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