How Do You Replace Electric Motor Bearings?


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To replace electric motor bearings, begin by disconnecting the motor from power supply. Find and remove the screws that join the two halves of the casing using a wrench. Separate the two motor casing halves using a flat head screwdriver, and remove the armature. Pry out the bearings using a flat head screwdriver. Put the new bearings into the sleeves of the motor housing, and replace the covering.

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  1. Separate the two halves of the motor casing

    After disconnecting the electric motor from the power supply, remove the screws that hold the two halves of the motor casing together using a wrench. Lift the top half off, and lay it next to the bottom half.

  2. Remove the armature

    The armature is the spindle located at the center of the electric motor. It has a wire wound around the central part. Hold the ends of the armature, and lift it directly upwards. Locate the four bearings on the front of the motor casing, and pry them out using a flat head screwdriver.

  3. Replace the electric motor bearings

    Clean the sleeves where the bearings fit, and rub them with a small amount of engine oil. Replace the new bearings into the sleeves on the motor casing, and ensure they sit tightly in place. Push the motor brushes apart, and replace the armature to the bottom of the motor casing. Replace the screws, and tighten them before reconnecting the electricity supply.

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