How Do You Replace a Dyson HEPA Filter?


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Changing the HEPA filter on a Dyson upright vacuum consists of pulling out the cyclone bin, lifting three tabs on the exhaust filter lid, removing the old filter, inserting the new and re-clipping the tabs. Replacing post-motor HEPA filters on canister models follows a similar process.

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Although designed to last the lifetime of the machine, neglecting regular maintenance causes filter blockages. A blocked filter can cause the motor to overheat and prevents effective allergen reduction. If powdery deposits appear on the surface of the screen, or if light does not pass through when holding the filter to a light source, the filter should be changed.

Dyson recommends cleaning the washable pre-filter every six months. The filter location varies by model, and the owner's manual for a particular model provides instructions. Using only clear water when washing the filter and the cyclone bin prevents damage to the parts. Drying cleaned parts for a minimum of 24 hours avoids safety issues.

Dyson adds design elements to its vacuums that focus on asthma and allergy relief. Its post-motor filters use HEPA materials and are capable of handling the air flow the machines generate. Dyson also offers an asthma allergy kit with attachments that supplement its HEPA filtering system.

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