How Do You Replace a Dryer Vent Lint Catcher?


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Remove the existing catcher from its current position by hand, then use the dryer model number or serial number to purchase the correct replacement catcher before installing it in place of the old one. Many home improvement stores, hardware stores and online retail outlets sell dryer vent lint catchers.

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Removing the lint caught in lint catchers every time a dryer is used can help prevent tears and cracks in the catchers. Over time, depending on how often the dryer is run, lint catchers may become damaged. Replacing lint catchers can help keep lint from sticking to the dryer drum, on the dryer heating element or on the inside of dryer vent hoses.

Lint that becomes trapped inside a dryer can cause house fires or lead to a carbon monoxide leak. In addition to replacing damaged dryer vent lint catchers as required, use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any lint found underneath lint catchers. Carefully inspect the inside of the dryer periodically and remove lint on the inside or from other vents in the dryer. Every 1 to 3 years, contact a professional dryer service technician to fully inspect and remove lint from parts of the dryer that cannot be reached with a vacuum.

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