How Do You Replace a Dryer Hose?


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To replace a dryer hose, turn off the power, remove the old hose, clamp the new hose over the dryer flange, attach the other end to the vent pipe and reconnect the power. The required supplies are an aluminum dryer hose, a screwdriver, a knife, clamps and foil duct tape.

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How Do You Replace a Dryer Hose?
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Disconnect the power, pull the dryer away from the wall and locate the hose. Unscrew and remove the hose clamps. Set the screws and clamps in a safe place within easy reach. If the hose is taped to the dryer, slice the tape with a knife. Pull the hose out of the dryer, and disconnect the other end from the vent pipe. Set the old hose aside. Slip the new hose over the dryer flange, and attach the clamps. Tighten the clamps with screws, but do not insert screws into the hose or flange.

Place the free end of the dryer hose over the external vent pipe. Push on the hose until at least 2 inches of pipe are inside it. Seal both connections with strips of foil duct tape. Do not use screws.

Push the dryer back against the wall, and verify that the new hose is not pinched or otherwise obstructed. Restore power to the dryer.

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