How Do You Replace the Dryer Belt on an Inglis Dryer?


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To replace an Inglis dryer belt, unplug the dryer, open the front cover, remove the belt and drum, attach the new belt, reinsert and connect the drum, reattach the front cover, and plug in the dryer. The required supplies include a dryer belt, a screwdriver, scissors and a putty knife.

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Unplug the dryer. If you cannot reach the plug, pull the dryer out from the wall to access it. Slide a putty knife between the dryer lid and body, and press on it to disengage the retaining clips. Pry off the lid, and set it aside. Disconnect the door wires, and pull off the front cover to expose the drum and dryer belt. Snip the belt with scissors, pull it out, and discard it. Do not disengage the drive pulley.

Remove the drum, and slip the new dryer belt around it with the rubber side down. Verify that the belt lies flat against the drum, and lift the drum back into the dryer. Slide your hand under the drum, pull the belt beneath the pulley, and wrap it around the drive shaft.

Reattach the front cover of the dryer, and connect the door wires. Replace the lid, press down on it to engage the retaining clips, and plug in the dryer.

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