How Do You Replace Drain Covers?


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The process of replacing a drain cover consists of removing the drain cover, removing the drain gasket, and uninstalling the existing drain body before removing and replacing the drain cover. Reinstall the drain body once the new cover is in place. Use a drain cover with wing tabs that will provide additional support when replacing the cover in a fiberglass shower.

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After removing the old cover, pry the drain gasket loose by inserting two small screwdrivers into either side of the drain. Use a hacksaw to cut through the top flange of the drain body taking care not to damage the pipe riser or shower pan and then remove the flange pieces. Remove the shower drain body, leaving the compression nut in place, and then scrub the drain pipe with a bristle brush and cleaning agent to remove any dirt, mildew or other deposits that may interfere with the reinstallation process.

Apply liquid dish soap to the exterior of the replacement gasket prior to installation, and apply a thin layer of silicone caulk to the bottom perimeter of the drain flange. Replace the drain cover and then lower the drain body into the opening gasket-end first and then tighten the compression nut using a wrench. The compression nut must be tightened securely in order for the gasket to form a water-tight seal.

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