How Do You Replace Doughboy Pool Filters?

How Do You Replace Doughboy Pool Filters?

To replace a Doughboy pool filter, first unplug the pump and disconnect the hoses to remove the old filter. Then, position the new filter, connect the hoses to the unit, add sand, plug it in and start it up.

To prevent children from standing on the new unit to reach the pool, position it at least 5 feet away from the pool. Patio blocks underneath the unit provide a level surface and prevent weeds and standing water from interfering with the mechanical operation.

Connect the hoses to the unit as directed in the included documentation and secure them with wire clamps. You should connect one hose from the pool’s skimmer to the pump to draw water from the pool, a hose from the pump to the filter unit, a hose between the filter and return to direct filtered water back into the pool, and a hose to the filter for discharging waste water. You should direct the waste hose somewhere where the chemically treated water cannot harm garden plants and vegetation.

To add the sand, remove the cover clamp by twisting it counter-clockwise, and remove the O-ring inside. Pour in 80 pounds of sand, and level it off with your hand. Cover the distributor as you add the sand to avoid getting sand in it. Replace the O-ring and cover.

Plug in the filter, and set the valve handle to the backwash setting. Run the filter in this setting for four to five minutes to clear out any ultra-fine sand particles from the filter. Then, set the valve back to the filter position for normal operation.