How Do You Replace a Door?


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To replace a door, use the old door as a template to fit the new door to the door frame. Remove the door handle, place the old door on top of the new one, and mark where it needs to be cut.

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  1. Make a template

    Use the door being replaced to help mark the new door for cuts and ensure that it fits the space properly. Remove the doorknob on the old door, and gently set it on top of the new door. Use a pencil to mark areas to be trimmed. Also, use the old door to mark where the hinges must be installed on the new door.

  2. Prepare the door

    Using a circular saw, trim the new door along the marks you made. Sand down any rough edges. Use a hammer and chisel to remove a layer of wood for the hinges. Skipping this step creates a door that is not flush with the door frame. Predrill holes for the hinge screws to keep the wood from splitting. Install the hinges.

  3. Install the door

    With the assistance of a friend, carefully install the door by inserting the door hinge into the door frame hinge. Insert hinge pins to complete the installation.

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