How Do You Replace a Damaged Window Sash?


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To replace a damaged window sash, gather the necessary tools and materials, including a putty knife, screwdriver, drill, pliers and expanding foam. Score the paint joint on the old window sash and remove it with a pry bar. Replace the window inserts on the frame. Fasten the jamb liner clips to the inserts and place the jamb liners over them. Place the sash lifts about ten inches above the sill. Install the window sash between the jamb liners.

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Use pliers to break off the upper and lower sections of the parting and interior stops. Wedge a stiff putty knife between the frame and the stops. Press the small pry bar into the space created by the putty knife and gently pry the stops off the frame. Remove any remaining screws or nails from the window frame.

Line the blind stop and the backside of the window stool with caulk to insulate the window. With the window in place, fasten the jamb liner clips into the frame with screws, leaving space between the clips and the blind stops for the window jamb to snap into place. Replace the parting and interior stops with nails or screws.

Hold the sash over the newly installed jamb liner slots. Position it squarely and evenly over the jamb liners with the metal sash pivots directly over the sash lifts. Tilt the sash forward toward the window and snap the top of the sash between the jamb liners. The sash should now easily slide into place.

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