How Do You Replace Crystal Chandelier Drops?

How Do You Replace Crystal Chandelier Drops?

To replace the crystal drops on a chandelier, calculate the number of drops for the project, thread a crystal hanger through the hole of each prism, use a small pair of jewelry pliers to gently attach the hangers to the prisms, and connect the drops to the chandelier. The exact instructions depend on the shape of the prisms, the type of crystal hangers selected, and whether the chandelier has bobeches, small collars used to suspend crystal drops.

If the chandelier has bobeches, count the number of holes in a single collar and multiply it by the number of bobeches to determine the amount of prisms for the project. Attach the crystal hangers to the prisms, and thread the metal hangers through the holes of the bobeches.

Crystal hangers are available in decorative shapes that clip into the top of a single-hole prism drop. Use pin hangers on crystals with more than one hole, or to join two or more crystals together. Hook hangers slip through the hole of a crystal, and then clip through the holes in a bobeche, or over an arm of the chandelier.

If the chandelier does not have bobeches, use 22-gauge steel wire and small jewelry pliers to wrap the crystals, and wrap the remaining wire directly around the metal components of the chandelier to attach the drops.

Consider using clear and colored prisms, as well as varying the shapes and sizes of crystals, to add interest to the chandelier. Link several crystals together with pins to create a longer, dramatic drop. New chandelier crystals and hangers are available from websites such as Antique crystals are available on