How Do You Replace a Condenser Fan Motor?


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Replacing a condenser fan motor involves obtaining a new fan motor, removing the old motor from the condenser and placing the new motor in the place of the old one. Be sure to disconnect the condenser from the power source before attempting this task to avoid a possible electric shock.

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Buy the new motor from the manufacturer of the condenser or a local store. The motor should suit the make and model of your condenser unit. Once the new motor is in place, gather necessary tools for the task including a needle-nose pliers, a screwdriver, wire nuts and wrenches.

To remove the old motor from the unit, start by disconnecting wires from the terminal block using the pliers. Loosen off the screws securing the fan assembly and the mounting bracket in place with the screwdriver or wrench, and set aside the assembly and the bracket. Unbolt and remove the fan blade from the motor shaft. To fix the new motor in the unit, fit the mounting bracket of the old motor on the new motor, and reverse the motor removal process to install the new motor. Then, reconnect the unit to the power source, switch on the unit to test the new motor, and fix any defects as needed to complete the process.

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