How Do You Replace a Chain on an Oregon Chainsaw?


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To replace the chain on a chainsaw, unlock the brake, remove the cover on the side of the chainsaw body, and remove the plate located under the cover. Release the tension on the chain by pulling the tip of the bar forward. Pull the chain off the guide bar and around the clutch drum. Set the new chain into place over the clutch drum and around the guide bar. Replace the cover, using the screws to tighten the chain.

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When placing the new chain on the guide bar, make sure the chain's teeth are properly positioned in the groove on the guide bar. Replace the guide bar so that the adjustment pin is located in the slit on the end of the bar. Do not remove the cover or plate with the brake in the locked position, as this makes it difficult to replace the plate and cover.

If necessary, loosen the screws on the back of the bar to replace the chain easily. To adjust the tension on the new chain, set the sprocket plate and cover in place, but do not fully tighten the screws on the cover.

Instead, use the screws on the inside of the guide bar to adjust the tension. After the tension is right, tighten the cover. Refer to the owner's manual when replacing a chainsaw chain, as the replacement technique can vary depending on the make and model of the chainsaw.

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