How Do You Replace a Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch?


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To replace the pull-chain switch on a ceiling fan, turn off the power to the fan, remove the bottom cover plate, disconnect the wires from the switch, unscrew the nut from the outside of the housing and take the switch out of the fan. Reverse the steps for installation.

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If the ceiling fan has a light kit installed, replacing the switch requires removing the kit to access the three-speed switch. Light kits often add a second pull chain switch that controls the light. Unlike the three-speed switch that controls the fan, the light switch is a simple on and off switch; however, if it requires replacement, the procedure remains the same. Both types of replacement switches are available at home improvement stores.

The three-speed switch regulates the fan speed and power to the fan. It normally makes a clicking noise when someone pulls the chain. A lack of a click or change in the fan speed indicates failure of the switch and the need for replacement.

If the chain breaks, it is often possible to replace it without replacing the switch. Chain kits are also available in home improvement stores and the new chain attaches to the remaining links using a simple slide-on connector that fits over the balls that make up the chain.

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