How Do You Replace a Ceiling Fan Capacitor?

To replace a ceiling fan capacitor, remove the lampshades and light bulbs, unscrew the light fixture, disconnect the fixture wires, remove the old capacitor, and install a new capacitor similar to the old one. Switch off the electric power when working on the fan.

  1. Turn off the power

    Disconnect the power supply to the ceiling fan by switching off the circuit breaker at the service panel. Test the switch cover of the fan with voltage tester to ascertain that the power is off, and set the ladder below the fan.

  2. Dismantle the fan

    Remove the lampshades and light bulbs, and unscrew the light fixture from the fan's housing with a screwdriver. Loosen the wire nuts, and detach the fixture wires.

  3. Remove the old capacitor

    Locate the motor capacitor, and label the motor leads by taping them with colored tape if needed. Unscrew the wire nuts that connect the leads to the motor, and switch leads to remove the old capacitor.

  4. Install the replacement capacitor

    Hold the stripped capacitor end leads to the motor lead, and screw the wire nuts. Insert the capacitor into the wiring compartment, and attach the leads. Replace the light kit, lampshades and light bulbs. Switch on the breaker, and test the capacitor. Check the fan, and fix any defects if the capacitor doesn't work.