How Do You Replace a Ceiling Fan?


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To replace a ceiling fan, switch off the electric power supply to the fan, unscrew and remove the fan canopy, then detach the fan wires from the house wiring. Disconnect the ground wire from the bracket, unscrew the fan motor, and use the manufacturer's instructions to install the new fan.

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  1. Switch off the power

    Flip off the switch that connects to the fan, and then turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the room that contains the fan. Once the breaker is off, flip on the ceiling fan switch to ascertain that the power is off, and set a ladder in position.

  2. Remove the old fan

    Turn the screws that hold the fan canopy in place counter-clockwise until the canopy comes off to allow access to the wires, ceiling bracket and hanging pipe. Unscrew the nuts that attach the fan wires to the house wiring and detach the wires. Loosen any ground wire screws, detach the ground wire from the bracket, undo the fasteners that hold the fan to the hanging pipe, and remove the fan motor. Hold the motor while unscrewing so the motor does not fall.

  3. Install the new fan

    Once the old fan is removed, follow the manufacturer's instructions to set the new fan in place. Switch on the power and test the new fan.

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