How Do You Replace a Casement Window Operator?


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To replace a casement window operator, remove the handle, inspect the teeth and splines, lift off the casement cover, remove the window operator, and install a replacement window operator. Fasten the cover and handle back in place. Required tools include a pair of locking pliers and a screwdriver.

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Unscrew the handle, pry it off, check for any missing or worn splines below the handle, and inspect the teeth inside the crank. Replace the teeth if they are damaged. Replace the entire crank operator if the splines are missing or worn.

Twist the crank stud with a pair of pliers to release the window. Press down the arm guide, push out the window to release the bushing from the window tracking mechanism. Use a screwdriver to unfasten the trim, and remove it. Use a putty knife to pry off the casement cover if doesn't have screws. Unsecure the screws holding the crank in place, retain the screws if necessary, and lift off the crank operator.

Purchase a replacement crank operator of the same type as the old one. Mount the new operator on the old holes, fill the holes with two toothpicks, and use a screwdriver and retained screws to secure the operator in place. Reinstall the trim, replacing the trim screws if they are rusted or bent. Fix the bushing in the window tracking system, and replace the handle.

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