How Do You Replace Burners?


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To replace a burner, first close the fuel valve and take out the cooking grates and any other equipment blocking access to the burner. Remove the hardware securing the burner in place before pulling the burner from the grill and replacing it with a new one. Different models of grills vary, but burners sit at the bottom of the cooking chamber on a standard grill.

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Burners connect directly with a fuel line, so always close off access to the fuel before working with the burner to prevent injury. On a gas-powered grill, this involves turning the nozzle located at the top of the fuel tank.

The burner can attach in many ways depending on the design of the grill. In some cases you can simply pull the assembly from its mount; other models may require tools such as screwdrivers or pliers to remove the burner. Check the manual for model-specific instructions.

After removing the hardware, you can lift the burner free, allowing you to clean or replace it before restoring the hardware and cooking surfaces. Always replace burners that exhibit rust, holes or cracks. Faulty burners often present weak or nonexistent flame, which could also be a sign the device needs cleaning.

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