How Do You Replace the Burner on an Outdoor Gas Grill?

How Do You Replace the Burner on an Outdoor Gas Grill?

Replace a burner on an outdoor gas grill by disconnecting the gas supply, removing the grate and lava rocks, removing the mounting screw from the burner, pulling out the old burner and inserting the new one. While the location of the mounting screw might be different depending on the model, the fundamental process of replacing the burner remains the same.

If the burner on a gas grill is not igniting or it is weak, it may need to be replaced. Cleaning the burner with a wire brush might alleviate the issue. If not, replacing the burner is a quick and easy task.

  1. Turn off the gas
  2. Disconnect the grill from the gas supply, which will either be from a direct supply or a propane tank.

  3. Remove the grill plate and bricks
  4. Lift off the cooking grates, or grill plates, from the grill and put them aside. Scoop out the lava rocks and place them in a plastic bucket. If the rocks are more than a year old, replace them with new rocks.

  5. Unfasten the burner
  6. Most burners have a cotter pin and mounting screw in the back. Use needle-nosed pliers to remove the cotter pin. Unscrew the mounting screw.

  7. Pull out the burner and install the new one
  8. Push the burner in and lift slightly to remove it from the grill. Insert the new burner and secure it as directed on the packaging.