How Do You Replace a Broken Hurricane Lamp Globe?


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To replace a broken hurricane lamp globe, note the color and type of glass needed. Carefully measure the diameter of the bottom of the broken globe from edge to edge. If that portion of the globe is broken, measure the widest part of the lamp's base inside the prongs or lip that hold the globe in place. Use the measured diameter to order the correct glass for the lamp. Place the new globe inside the lip or prongs.

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Hurricane lamp replacement globes can be ordered from hardware stores, lighting stores and some general merchandise retailers. If the exact globe is unavailable, substitute a plain globe for globes of color. Shorter globes are also usable in the event that a globe of similar height cannot be located.

Hurricane lamps are powered by kerosene and should not be used without the globe, which protects the flame from causing a fire or spontaneously extinguishing. Their flat wick provides the light source, and the height of the flame can be adjusted with the knob located underneath the prongs that hold the globe in place. They can be used safely on a tabletop, but handheld hurricane lamps are also available for portable use. Handheld lamps come in hot and cold blast designs, which provide the safest experience, as they put out the flame if the lamp is tipped over.

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