How Do You Replace a Broken Cook Top Knob?


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Removing the old knob, cleaning the stem and the rest of the stove, and putting the new knobs onto the cook top are the three steps necessary to complete this process. If the knob works but the lettering or numbers have started to fade, replacing them improves the kitchen's appearance.

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If the homeowner wants the new cook top knobs to be exactly the same as the old ones, it may be necessary to get in touch with the manufacturer to order a new set. Home improvement stores sell general knobs that are compatible with most cook tops. It is important to purchase knobs specifically designed to work with electric or gas cook tops.

Turning all knobs to the off position and then pulling upward or outward on them generally makes them loose enough to pull off. If the knob does not come off easily, a owners can use a spoon to generally pry the knob off of the stem. If knobs are attached to the cook top with screws, a small screwdriver is the best option for loosening them. Cleaning the knob stems gets rid of any accumulated grease and debris. The entire stove may need a thorough cleaning to match the new look of the new knobs.

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