How Do You Replace a Broiler Unit on an Electric Oven?


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To replace a broiler unit on an electric oven, shut off the electricity, remove the oven racks and broiler, mount and connect the new broiler, replace the racks and turn on the electrical power. The supplies needed include a screwdriver, a nut driver and mounting screws.

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Turn off the electricity, open the oven door, and slide out the baking racks. Support the broiler with one hand, and use a nut driver to detach the unit and its mounting rack from the oven. The screws are on the oven ceiling and upper half of the back panel. Gather the screws, and set them nearby. Pull the broiler forward, and use pliers to separate the broiler leads from the wires at the back of the oven. Leave the wires hanging out of the rear oven hole. Slide out the broiler and mounting rack, and set them aside.

Hold the new broiler against the oven ceiling, and connect the oven wires to the broiler leads. Tuck the wires into the hole in the back of the oven. Cover the broiler with the mounting bracket, and secure the bracket with nut screws. Reinsert the baking racks, close the oven door and turn on the electricity.

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