How Do You Replace the Bottom Seal on a Garage Door?


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Replacing a garage door bottom seal involves removing the old seal, cleaning the track, installing the new seal by sliding it into place, and installing a new threshold. It is a moderately difficult job, with the hardest part being working the new seal into place. No special tools are required.

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Replacing the bottom seal on a garage door takes a few steps.

  1. Remove the old seal
  2. Raise the garage door to a height that is comfortable to work with, using a c-clamp to hold it in place, if required. Then pull out the old seal. Screws or nails might need removed to do this or the ends might need pried open. As the old seal is not required, it can be cut to make removal easier.
  3. Clean
  4. Once the old seal has been removed clean the track and scrape away any corrosion.
  5. Install
  6. Install the new seal after cutting it to size. This is done by sliding it into the edges, which are shaped like a T. This part might take a bit of effort to coax the seal into place.
  7. Install the threshold
  8. Finally, install the threshold by closing the door onto it, marking it with chalk to get a good fit, and then gluing it into place. The door should then be closed and left until the glue dries.
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