How Do You Replace the Belt on a Mower Deck?


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To replace a belt on a mower deck, first disconnect the spark plug, put the mower into the lowest position, and turn off the blade engagement lever. Remove the belt from the pulley. Take the pins out of the deck and slide the deck out. Remove the pulley covers and the old belt. Thread the new belt around the pulleys, replace the pulley covers and mower deck, and reverse the aforementioned steps to reinstall the mower deck and belt.

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How Do You Replace the Belt on a Mower Deck?
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A new belt, set of wrenches, pliers, and work gloves are required to replace a belt on a mower deck. The mower's engine should be completely cool, and it should be parked on a firm, level surface with the parking brake engaged.

After you reinstall the mower deck, it is important to test the deck. Raise and lower it to make sure the lift is working as intended before reconnecting the spark plug. Once reconnected, start the mower and test the deck again.

Experts recommend taking a photograph of the mower deck's pulley system and belt guides before removing the old belt. This serves as a visual aid when installing the new belt.

Mower deck belts are responsible for the performance of the mower's cutting blades. Signs that the mower needs a new belt include a visibly slipping belt or blades failing to rotate in tall grass.

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