How Do You Replace the Belt on a Gas Dryer?


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To change the belt on a gas dryer, the dryer should be unplugged, and then the cover should be opened with a putty knife. The locking clip should be released and the individual should have access to the inside of the dryer, including the belt.

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The lower toe panel should be removed next, and then placed aside. A piece of scrap wood, or a similar object, can be used to support the drum during the rest of the procedure.

The two screws on the bottom of the front panel should be loosened 1 1/2 turns each. The top of the panel should then be moved, and the interior screws from the cabinet should also be removed. The old belt can now be removed from the drum.

The new belt should be looped over the drum, and the drum lifted slightly while placing the front panel back into its original position. The screws from the top of the front panel should be replaced, the lower panel screws should be tightened and the scrap wood can be removed from supporting the drum. The drum seal should fit into the area where the old belt was, and the grooved side should face down. The rest of the dryer's parts can now be replaced, and the individual should move the drum by hand to ensure the belt tracks correctly.

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