How Do You Replace a Bathroom Faucet?

How Do You Replace a Bathroom Faucet?

To replace a bathroom faucet, remove the original faucet and pop-up drain. Next, set the new faucet into the sink and hook the drain housing to the flange. Finally, install the new pop-up drain and check for leaks.

  1. Remove original parts

    With the water supply turned off, loosen the supply tubes. Next, remove the faucet's compression nut with a wrench and remove the faucet. To take out the pop-up drain, make sure the nut above the P-trap is removed. Loosen the nut keeping the P-trap in place and remove the P-trap. Finally, pull out the pop-up lever and disconnect the drain and the flange.

  2. Install the new faucet

    Set up the faucet correctly by pasting on the faucet stems and installing the rubber gasket, if applicable. If there is no gasket, make a line of caulk beneath the faucet. Fasten the faucet into place with a wrench. Next, attach the supply tubes to the faucet stems and paste the valve threads. Tighten the remaining nuts.

  3. Attach the drain equipment

    Hook up the flange and the faucet's housing drain with some caulk. Screw it on tightly. Next, drop the pop-up drain and attach it to the faucet rod with a screw. Finally, clean the supply tubes and inspect the faucet for leakage.