How Do You Replace Basement Windows?


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Installing replacement basement windows is not a big task if the framing already exists. However, you need to follow appropriate steps to accomplish the project successfully.

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  1. Get the right measurements

    Measure the height and the width of the replacement windows, and make sure that the windows fit before you buy them. Avoid large gaps once the window is installed. Be sure to measure each window if you're replacing several windows in case the dimensions are not exactly the same.

  2. Purchase window kits

    Make sure the window kit includes an assembled window, the mounting hardware and an instruction manual. Read through the manual before you start.

  3. Clean around the installation area

    Use a towel or a dry brush to remove the debris before you begin the installation of replacement basement windows.

  4. Install the replacement windows

    Place the molding around the window opening inside. Push the replacement window from the outside into place to make sure it fits properly. Remove the window and start caulking. Make sure you caulk in the necessary areas and use shims to level the replacement windows. Put the window back in the location. Place the screws at the appropriate places. Use caulking around the outside to ensure that the window is properly sealed.

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