How do you replace a backflow water valve?


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To replace a backflow valve in a garden sprinkler, obtain a new valve, inspect how the old malfunctioning valve is attached to the sprinkler hose, and disassemble that connection using a wrench. Carefully take out the broken valve. Read the manufacturer's instructions for the new valve, place the new valve in its location in the sprinkler hose, and secure it according to the manufacturer and using the fastenings that are already in the hose.

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It is important to replace backflow valves that don't work properly, as backflow valves prevent water in your home and garden from becoming polluted by chemicals and waste. If a backflow valve in a garden is broken, chemicals and fertilizers used in the garden can get mixed into the general water supply of your home, which can be extremely dangerous and even result in poisoning.

One of the main reasons why backflow valves stop functioning correctly is the high external pressure. This typically occurs if a foreign object, such as debris, enters the water system, as it can cause external pressure on the valve to rise, and the valve might burst. Another common problem is siphoning. This occurs when the level of pressure in the system becomes too low, and water starts flowing backwards through the pipes.

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