How Do You Replace Awning Fabric?


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To replace the fabric of a stationary awning, cut the fabric, untie the remaining fabric pieces, and install the replacement fabric by tying it in a similar manner. To replace the fabric of a roll-up awning, remove the old fabric from the rail, detach the arms, remove the spring's tension and torsion assembly, and take the fabric off the tube. Finally, position the new fabric, and reassemble the awning.

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When replacing the awning fabric, check the fabric's material and dimensions, and purchase the replacement fabric accordingly.

In case of a stationary awning, cut the fabric so that it comes off the frame, and slide the remaining portion off the mounting channel. Untie the ropes while noting how the manufacturer tied them to the frame. Then, slip the replacement fabric on the mounting channel, let it fall over the frame, and tie the ropes appropriately.

In case of a roll-up awning, unwind the old fabric from the rail, undo the travel locks, and open the awning by approximately one foot. Insert a cotter pin in the end cap holes to lock the spring tension of the tube. Now, remove the bolts to detach the arms from the awning and the vehicle's side.

Next, take the cotter pin out, and unwind the spring tension to release the tension completely, while making a note of the number of times the spring unwinds. Drill out the rivets to remove the torsion assembly.

Replace the old fabric with the new one. Then, replace the torsion assembly using new rivets, rewind the spring to the same tension as before, and reposition the cotter pin. Replace the awning's arms, and attach the assembly to the rail. Finally, take the cotter pin out, roll the new fabric up, and reattach the arms to the vehicle's wall.

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