How Do You Replace an Attic Fan Motor?


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To replace an attic fan motor, remove the old motor by manipulating the wires to release the motor, then add a new motor and re-wire the motor back into working condition. A screwdriver, duct tape, pliers and a replacement motor are the tools needed to replace an attic fan motor.

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The first step in replacing an attic fan motor is to turn off the fan and unplug it. If it is necessary for the fan to be removed from its perch to reach the motor, do so, but it is very likely that the motor can be reached from the back of the fan. Once the back of the fan is removed by unscrewing the back with a screwdriver, locate the motor and take off the wires holding it inside of the fan. After that, unscrew the motor and pull it away from the fan.

Next, place the new motor where the old motor once was and use pliers to return the wires back to their former positions. The connections securing the new motor should be secured tightly so it does not fall off. After that, replace the screws holding the back cover. The final step is to secure the fan motor with tape.

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