How Do You Replace the Air Filter in a Lawn Boy?


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To replace the air filter in a Lawn Boy mower, locate the air filter housing on the engine, remove the outer covering, remove the old air filter, clean the housing unit, insert the new air filter, and then reattach the outer covering. It is highly recommended that the spark plug is disconnected and appropriate personal protective safety equipment, such as gloves and goggles, is worn whenever maintenance or repairs are performed on a lawn mower.

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The air filter is usually found on the side of the engine with a plastic covering housing the filter. The housing is likely a rectangle or oval shaped unit, depending on the model. The cover is typically held in place through a locking mechanism or a screw. Remove the cover and then remove the old air filter. The air filter should easily come off the mower as it is usually not locked in place by anything other than the cover. It might even come off the mower when the cover is removed. The housing should now be visually inspected and any debris should be removed from the housing and the cover. Place the new air filter in the same position as the old filter. Securely reattach the cover by replacing the screw or making sure the locking mechanisms are held tight, and your filter is ready to go.

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